Celebrity Baby Names In 2022

Celebrity Baby Names In 2022

What Have Celebrities Named Their Babies In 2022? We Look At The Latest Celebrity Baby Names

What have celebrities named their babies in 2022? We look at all the latest celebrity baby names given by famous people and couples so far this year.

Celebrity baby names in 2022

What Have Celebrities Named Their Babies In 2022?

What Has Kylie Jenner Named Her Baby?

In February, Kylie Jenner announced the birth of her second baby in a short but sweet instagram post mentioning the baby's birth date and a blue heart. Kylie Jenner initially announced that she had named her baby Wolf Webster. However, shortly after Kylie revealed that she felt 'rushed' into announcing her baby's name, and they had decided to change it. However, Kylie Jenner has not yet decided on the new name.

The new baby is the second child for Kylie and rapper Travis Scott, and a brother to their daughter Stormi.

What Have Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham Named Their Baby?

Actress and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and actor Jason Statham announced the birth of their second child in February 2022. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has called her baby daughter Isabella James.

What Have Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Named Their Baby?

At the start of 2022, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra welcomed a baby girl via surrogate. They made the happy announcement on their Instagram accounts. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas announced that their baby is named Malti Marie.

What Has Ashley Graham Named Her Babies?

Congratulations to model Ashley Graham and husband Justin Ervin, who announced the safe arrival of their second (and third!) babies, twins boys who were born at home at the start of January. Ashley Graham has named her babies Malachi and Roman, stating 'My boys have been the greatest teachers and biggest reminders that I can do hard things. this has not been easy, but it’s so worth it.'

What Have Spencer Matthews And Vogue Williams Named Their Baby?

Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews and TV presenter and model Vogue Williams announced their third child, a son, had been born on the 19th April 2022. Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams have named their baby Otto.

What Have Ed Sheeran & Cherry Seaborn Named Their Baby?

In May, singer Ed Sheeran took to Instagram to announce that his wife Cherry had given birth to their second daughter. The new baby, nmed Jupiter, is a sister to their first child, Lyra.

What Have Oliver Proudlock And Emma Louise Connolly Named Their Baby?

Made In Chelsea Star Oliver Proudlock became a dad in 2022, when wife Emma gave birth to their first baby. They have named their new daughter Bonnie Lou.

What Have Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger Named Their Baby?

Marvel star Chris Pratt and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger welcomed their second child togther in May 2022. Chris Pratt has named his daughter Eloise Christina.  

The couple have a daughter, Lyla Maria, who was born in 2020. Chris also has a son named Jack with actor with Anna Faris.

What Have Olivia and Alex Bowen Named Their Baby?

Love Island winners Olivia and Alex Bowen welcomed their first child this year. Olivia and Alex Bowen have named their baby boy Abel Jacob.

What Have Alexandra Burke And Darren Randolph Named Their Baby?

Singer and actor Alexandra Burke welcomed her first child this year with footballer partner Darren Randolph. While the couple have not yet shared the name or sex of their baby, they have revealed their cute nickname, 'grape.' Congrats to the happy couple!

What Have Nicola Adams And Ella Baig Named Their Baby?

Boxer and Strictly star Nicola Adams has welcomed a baby boy with her girlfriend Ella Baig. They have named their baby Taylor.

What Have Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Named Their Baby?

Actor Sophie Turner and singer husband Joe Jonas confirmed that they have welcomed their second daughter, in July 2022. She will be a sister to their first daughter, Willa. We await the news of the name of their second baby. Congratulations to the family!

What Did Declan Donnelly Name His Baby?

Declan Donnelly of Ant and Dec fame surprised everyone with baby news in July, taking to Instagram to share the arrival of his baby son.

‘Shortly before 10am yesterday, 23.7.2022, Ali and I welcomed the arrival of our son, Jack Anthony Alphonsus, a very welcome ray of light. He is wonderful and Isla is beyond excited to be a big sister! D x’

Dec and wife Ali already have a daughter, Isla Elizabeth.

What Did Leona Lewis Name Her Baby?

Singer Leona Lewis and her husband Dennis became parents for the first time in 2022, when she gave birth to her baby daughter. She took to Instagram to announce the news ‘And then there were three. Our little Carmel Allegra.’

What Did Joe Wicks Name His Baby?

Everyone’s favourite PR teacher Joe Wicks announced that he became a dad again, when his wife Rosie gave birth to their third child. The couple had a daughter named Leni, who was born at home.

What Has Joss Stone Named Her Baby?

Singer Joss Stone has given birth to her second child with her boyfriend Cody DaLuz, a boy named Shakleton, brother to their daughter Violet.

Joss revealed Shackleton had arrived safely after a traumatic birth in October.

What Have Maeva D'Ascanio and James Taylor Named Their Baby?

Maeva D'Ascanio and James Taylor from C4’s Made In Chelsea have welcomed a baby boy they have named Beau Christian Taylor. Maeva wrote: 'Welcoming the last 9 months and 11 days into our lives this morning was everything and more than we could have ever hoped for.'

What Has Tania Burr Named Her Baby?

YouTuber Tania Burr welcomed her first child with her boyfriend this year. Tania had a baby boy she has named Sage.

What Have Mollie King and Stuart Broad Named Their Baby?

Pop star and presenter star Mollie King has welcomed her first baby alongside her fiancé Stuart Broad, a daughter named Annabella Broad.

She announced the news on Instagram, with the caption 'Welcome to the world Annabella Broad. We have never been so in love.'

What Has Jorgie Porter Named Her Baby?

Former Hollyoaks actress Jorgie Porter has given birth to a baby boy named Forest, with her fiancé Ollie Piotrowski. She shared the news on her Instagram, posting a snap of the couple leaving the hospital with their baby.

What Has Katie Melua Named Her Baby?

Singer Katie Melua announced the birth of her first baby, a boy named Sandro. Taking to Instagram, Katie said ‘the whole thing feels like a dream, never felt a love this strong. But also the exhaustion is real!’ Congrats to the new parents.

What Has Billie Faiers Named Her Baby?

Billie Faiers, from ITV’s Towie and The Family Diaries, welcomed her third child with husband Greg in December 2022. The new baby, named Margot, is sister to Nelly and Arthur.

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