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Can your cravings tell you the sex of the baby?

One of the most exciting things about being pregnant is finding out about the sex of your baby. But if you've chosen not find out, are there any other signs which might give it away? According to pregnancy lore, your cravings might be able to tell you whether you're carrying a girl or a boy.

One study shows that 71% of mothers-to-be guessed the sex of their unborn baby based on the cravings they experienced during the last months.

So how can your cravings tell you the sex of the baby?

Well, it is said that if you’re craving sweet citrus like oranges and clementines while pregnant, then you are bound to have a girl. This applies for all sweets; if it’s ice-cream, chocolate, candy and milk that you need to have, then you’re more likely to have a girl.

However, if you feel more like drinking straight lemon juice it might be because you are having a boy. Sour, salty, spicy and protein-rich foods usually signify that you’re carrying a little boy, especially if before the pregnancy you weren’t a big fan of these flavours.

These ‘guidelines’ are not official though and science hasn’t provided an explanation or even a confirmation. Because of this, there is an increased possibility that your cravings do not specifically correlate to the sex of your unborn baby, especially for women who crave sweet and sour at the same time.

Did you find yourself in these popular beliefs or was your experience with cravings different?

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