Brilliant blog posts – November

Looking for some good reads for a nightfeed or naptime?

Settle down and have a look at our round-up of favourite blog posts from TalkMum bloggers over the past few weeks:

Fran has written about life, career choices, motherhood and having children in a fab post on What will I be when I grow up?

As Eleanor from The Bristol Parent prepares to move house, she's contemplating how you cope with big life changes such as switching nurseries.

As we near December, thoughts turn to the festive season. But what do mums really want for Christmas? Emma Brummy Mummy of 2 outlines her wishes in a letter to Santa.

Are you a parent to an introvert? Rachel has some valuable tips.

Fozia from Muslim Mummy has recently returned from a holiday and has written about six things you must do in Dubai with children (you can also read her tips on flying with toddlers)

Following Rachel's secret pregnancy blogger announcement, make sure you read her own post on her blog.

Katrina's been suffering from a major case of bloggers block.

Alison has written a series of posts on school-run style, from rainy day casual to meeting chic.

And I've written about things they definitely don't tell you in NCT classes, but probably should.

Make sure you also catch-up with our posts on fertility fortnight including ten fertility tips and male fertility boosters, and our post on needing to talk about maternal mental heath. If you've written a brilliant blog post this month, leave a comment and let us know.

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