Brilliant blog post round-up - May

Have a spare five minutes and fancy reading some brilliant blog posts?

Here's our round-up of our favourite posts written by TalkMum bloggers in May:

  • Planning a summer holiday in the UK but not sure where to take your children? Following a visit earlier in the year, Fran has written about an amazing-sounding family friendly hotel, Knoll House in Dorset
  • In protest at people who don't clean high-chairs in restaurants, block you in at nursery, and take up the parent and child spaces when their child is old enough to vote, Eleanor asks the question; mums - can't we all be friends?
  • Marissa's son has been reviewing the brilliantly designed jetpack backpack
  • Taking multi-tasking to the max, here's Chloe's day with a toddler
  • With Foz's youngest daughter recently making the big step from a cot, she's pondering - when's the best time to move her to a toddler bed? Let us know if you have any tips
  • Do you have a picky eater? Then read this post from Laura, on 10 ways to sneak fruit and veg into your child's diet
  • I love the idea of introducing your child to as many new books as possible, so am following Clare's 300 picture book challenge with interest (they are currently just over 200)
  • Catch-up with what Rachel's been getting up to, in her latest life, recently post
  • Becky's been thinking about positivity, in Sunday Sunshine
  • A grazed knee goes a long way - Rachel has written about not being too overprotective of your children
  • And I've written about the early baby days, and why more mums should be honest about their experiences

Have you written or read an amazing blog post recently? Leave the link below; we'd love to read it.

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