Brilliant blog post round-up: July

It's the end of the month, and we're taking a look back at some of the amazing writing by TalkMum bloggers in July

Here's some of our favourite blog posts that bloggers have written throughout the past few weeks:

  • Does motherhood instantly make you a new person? Eleanor from The Bristol Parent has written about her pre and post baby selves, in a post on why saying goodbye to the pre-motherhood you is a bad idea.
  • Rachel from Make a Long Story Short has written about saying goodbye to two, and hello to three, as her son approaches his birthday.
  • After fighting a losing battle with sleep, Foz from Muslim Mummies has said goodbye to nap time.
  • Is your child a thumb sucker? If so, make sure you read Marissa's review of the Thumbsie, a thumb protector that helps your child to break the habit.
  • Becky's off to Camp Bestival, and Chloe from Knittenden has been keeping up with her weekly updates and photo project.
  • With a new look to her site, Laura's covered making the most of the sunny weather and getting out and about with her children, in Park Life.
  • Make sure you catch up with Fran and Rachel's blogs.
  • And over on my blog A Baby on Board I've written about how not to talk to pregnant women (NEVER ask if it's twins!)


Have you written a brilliant blog post in July? Let us know, we'd love to read it.

You can also read our toddler month posts so far, including toddler activities for summer, and a magic trick for dealing with tantrums.

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