April on TalkMum: feeding frenzy

Just when you thought you'd got your head round the initial challenges of feeding your baby, along comes the next big step - the unchartered territory of baby weaning. For new parents, there's a lot of conflicting advice and opinions out there about every stage; bottle, breast, express? When do you move on to solids? Baby-led or purees? What should they be eating, when, and how much?

April on TalkMum is dedicated to the joys of feeding and weaning. We'll be taking a look at everything from baby feeding, through to weaning, the different approaches, the best products and high chairs you can get, along with lots of ideas, hints and tips along the way.

We'll be celebrating those happy moments when food actually goes in your child's mouth and not all over the floor, walls and and your top.

The question of the month is, what’s your top tip for weaning? Handing it over to our bloggers:

Try to introduce new foods alongside tried and tested ones and if baby doesn't like them, try again with the same foods in a few days. It amazes me that one week R will eat 20 apricots and the week before he pushed them off his plate in disgust! Marissa, Little Rascal Reviews

Many mums worry that their little one is not eating enough. My tip would be to try and not get hung up on how much is eaten for one particular meal, and to look at the bigger picture and think about what they've eaten over the course of a day or even over the course of a couple of days. It probably adds up to a lot more than you think. Fran, The Parent Social

My top tip for weaning is to literally just go with the flow. Don't rush it but if baby seems ready then go for it. And more importantly, enjoy the mess and sticky hands etc as all too soon they will be totally independent and you will wonder where the time has gone! Fozia, Muslim Mummy

Trust your own instincts and follow the pace set by your baby. I found this really hard to do, but looking back, I wish I had listened more to the pace my son was setting. Weaning can be difficult, but it's easier if you can keep relaxed about it, and try not to put pressure on yourself and your baby to take solids. I've written many a post about our weaning journey on my blog at hellolittlemister.wordress.com Kiran

Weaning is messy but putting a plastic mat under the highchair and using a bib with sleeves will help make cleaning up much easier. Cath

Don't worry about what your baby eats on a meal by meal or even daily basis but try and balance it out over a week. Rachel, The Little Pip

Some days they will eat nothing, some days they will eat everything. Just try not to stress about it. And hold off for as long as possible. It's so much simpler when they're just having milk! Gill, A Baby on Board

Make sure you come back throughout the month to read all the posts. And don’t forget to check out our March round-up of everything related to motherhood.

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