5 brilliant sensory activities for babies

Easy ways you can try sensory play with your little one

Sensory play for babies has become increasingly popular in recent years, with classes popping up all over the country, but it’s about more than just doing something to entertain your tot. Sensory play can actually improve a child’s motor skills, raise their awareness of the world around them and help them develop language skills. Babies use their senses to absorb information and by exposing them to different sights, sounds and textures – even tastes – you can help them to learn.

You don’t even have to fork out for a sensory class to enjoy sensory activities with your baby – you can do it yourself at home! Here are some of our favourite activities…

  • Water scooping – fill a large bowl with water (a washing up bowl is perfect) and sit your baby upright, giving them small cups and tubs to scoop water up into, and pour out.
  • Blowing bubbles – they might be too young to do the blowing, but if you lie them down and blow bubbles which will float down towards them, you’re guaranteed to get giggle galore!
  • Discover bottles – take an empty plastic water bottle, partially fill with coloured water and glitter, or bright buttons, or anything you fancy. Secure the lid with plenty of tape, and give to your baby to shake, move and enjoy the contents move around.
  • Sensory bins – fill a box, bin or basket with some carefully chosen items and let your baby explore it. Whether you go for a ball sensory bin, and fill it with balls of varying shape, size and texture or even fill one with porridge oats, allowing your baby to scoop them up and feel the texture of the oats between their fingers, they’ll have a good time.
  • Hanging objects – by hanging things within a baby’s reach, you’re encouraging them to reach out and touch things, helping to develop their hand/eye coordination. Try hanging small wooden toys, building blocks and rattles over their playmat.

Do you have any other ideas of easy sensory activities for babies? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below or sending us a tweet!

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