3 healthy home-made baby food recipes

Preparing fresh and most importantly nutritious baby food is probably one of the biggest and most constant problems of a new mother. But don’t despair; there are tons of alternatives out there for you to choose from which are speedy, cheap and healthy.

3rd Place: The super fruity Banana Berry Yogurt

To make this, you will need around 500 mL of full fat plain yogurt (the fat is beneficial for full brain development), a cup of berries (either fresh, thawed or drained) and a whole sliced banana. If you’re feeling generous, add a little maple syrup to the mix as well. Add all these ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth. The mixture can be refrigerated for up to 3 days and serves around 4 cups.

2nd Place: The Milky Smooth Banana and Biscuit puree

This baby smoothie needs 250 mL of milk, two or three plain tea biscuits, half of apple (diced) and half a banana. You could also add a strawberry or two to make it pink- baby girl appropriate! Again, turn on the blender and wait until completely smooth. This recipe is better served fresh.

And the winner is... The almighty Creamy Avocado and Mango Mousse

Avocadoes are said to be nature’s perfect food as they contain everything a person needs to survive; it contains a lot of potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A and C to name just a few. For the Creamy Mousse, you’ll need a peeled and cubed mango and a peeled, seeded and cubed ripe avocado which will be mashed until smooth. Then add some vanilla yogurt or apple and pear juice and whisk until a creamy mousse-like consistency is created.

And you’re all set now! 3 super tasty, super healthy home-made baby foods that will make both you and your child smile.

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