Why can't I get pregnant?

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When you’re trying for a baby, things might not always happen as fast as you would like them to. If you’re wondering why you can’t get pregnant, don’t panic just yet. Before you assume that you are infertile, remember that there are a number of factors which may be affecting your ability to get pregnant.

Are You Listening To Your Body?

Making a baby isn’t always as easy as they told you it would be during sex education at school. One of the most important factors to consider is when you are ovulating; you need to be in the right place in your cycle in order to make sure that your egg is ready to be fertilised. If you don’t manage to catch this window of opportunity, your chances of getting pregnant are significantly diminished.

Are You Consuming The Wrong Things?

Firstly, make life easier for yourself and cut out all of those nasties that you are putting into your body. That means quitting smoking and drinking alcohol (you’ll have to do this if you get pregnant anyway!) and cutting down on those cups of coffee. You and your partner should also ensure you are eating a balanced diet and that you are neither overweight nor underweight – if you’re concerned about your diet, you might want to visit your doctor or a nutritionist for advice.

Secondly, remember, zinc and folic acid are your friends! Even if you are eating a healthy diet, you won’t be consuming enough zinc and folic acid, so take supplements. Zinc makes sure that the sperm produced by your partner is good quality and folic acid reduces the risks of having a baby with birth defects.

Are You Getting Enough Exercise?

Another thing to consider is whether you are getting enough exercise. If you are trying for a baby, it is often easier to conceive if you are carrying less body fat. You will also find you have more energy and your periods should become more regular – all of which help.

Are You Stressing About It Too Much?

Finally, don’t forget that trying for a baby can be a stressful time. Most women will conceive within a year of trying but many will have to wait longer. If you don’t conceive straight away, it is natural to feel frustrated. Ironically however, this can often make the situation worse, as stress can affect your cycle and make it harder to conceive. Whilst it is easier said than done, try to not to stress too much if you can’t get pregnant straight away – it is often when you stop trying that the magic happens!

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