What to look for in a changing bag

When you have a baby just leaving the house can become a mammoth task! Pre-baby I could pick up my bag and keys and nip to the shop without even thinking about it. Once you have a baby this all changes as you can’t even contemplate leaving the house without a bag full of essentials and of course all those things that you have “just in case”!

I love handbags and so I was in my element shopping for a changing bag. I looked at lots of different stores as I needed a bag that was spacious, easy to carry, but still looked good!

A changing bag needs to have space for nappies, bottles, bibs, wipes, toys as well as your own essentials like keys, purse and phone. I soon gave up trying to carry a separate handbag and just used the changing bag for both of us.

Everyone has different preferences but these are the things I look for in a changing bag.

Lots of pockets – I like lots of pockets as I can keep everything separate and in a big bag there is less chance of me losing something. A mobile phone pocket is useful so you can find your phone easily.

A key clip – A simple but brilliant idea! I am always losing keys in the bottom of my bag and this keeps your keys safe.

Washable or wipe clean lining – You will end up with allsorts in the bag so one that can easily be cleaned is very helpful

An insulated bottle pocket – Good for keeping bottles or food cool, or even a bottle of water for me.

I have seen some gorgeous bags recently and this Blooming Gorgeous Apple Tree bag from PinkLining has to be top of my list followed by the black patent changing bag from The Miracle Box as this could be used as an overnight bag once you no longer need a changing bag.

Are these bags on your wish list too?

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