What to expect from a twin pregnancy

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Are you experiencing a twin pregnancy, about to give birth or a new mum of two?

Pregnant...but with twins? Although your early pregnancy symptoms might be more pronounced when you're expecting twins, but for most mums it's a total surprise and shock when they find out.

TalkMum blogger Fran from The Parent Social found out she was expecting twins second-time-round (read her posts on 14 tips for parents expecting multiples and things you're likely to hear as a parent of twins).

So what can you expect from a twin pregnancy? Here are all posts Fran has written for us about twins, twin pregnancy and the early days of being a twin mum:


Pair Of Baby Feet
  • The schedule of appointments and medical care during a twin pregnancy can be different from those in a singleton pregnancy.
  • And what about when it comes to giving birth? Twins don't automatically mean a c-section.
  • Sleep and newborns is tricky enough with one baby, but what about sleep and twins? How do you cope with two babies awake at once?

If you're expecting twins, make sure you also head on over to TAMBA, the Twins and Multiple Birth Association.

Read our guide to what to pack in your hospital bag (make sure you double up if you're expecting twins)

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