Here's our round-up of pregnancy news to hit the headlines in the last week... Bad news - according to experts, chocolate cravings during pregnancy don't actually exist. Researchers at SUNY college in New York state, have found that we eat more chocolate while pregnant because we think it's the only time we can indulge without feeling guilty. Psychologist Natalia Orloff says, "Conflicting attitudes toward foods like chocolate that are perceived to be simultaneously appealing and ‘forbidden’ have recently been hypothesised to be associated with a greater likelihood of craving. Evidence suggests that efforts to avoid foods that cause these conflicting feelings may have the paradoxical effect of increasing the likelihood of craving." Read more on the Mail Online and check out our post on whether your cravings can predict the sex of your baby! With one in five women developing mental health issues during pregnancy or as a new mum, a report written by the London School of Economics and the Centre for Mental Health is calling for better and more consistent care for mums-to-be and new mums. Annette Bauer, the lead author of the report, said, "Our findings show that mothers' mental health is vital to the economy and to society as a whole, particularly because of the potential negative impact that untreated maternal mental health problems may have on children. In order to protect the family's long-term health, intervention needs to start before the child is born, or shortly after because the potential benefits are very high and the costs could be fully recovered in a short time frame." The full story is over on BBC News. Read about one of our blogger's experiences with post-natal depression. Pregnant women and young children are being advised to get the flu vaccine before winter arrives, as part of a major UK health drive. ITV News reports that those at risk should contact their GP to arrange receiving the new nasal vaccine spray. If you're pregnant, you might find our post on choosing a baby name helpful or what you can and can't eat while pregnant.
Alexandra Phillips

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