Strange pregnancy symptoms

This month we're talking about pregnancy, and everything that you should expect when you're expecting. So; pregnancy symptoms. It's just morning sickness, sore boobs and tiredness, right? Wrong. There's a whole spectrum of strange and freaky symptoms that you just might get to experience. Here's Anna, talking about some of the lesser-known pregnancy symptoms that happened to her. Just don't mention the Granny Decaf Latte...

I was extremely fortunate to have a relatively ‘easy’ pregnancy. I think the sands of time may have blurred my memory slightly, but physically at least I managed to avoid many of the common symptoms like morning sickness, swollen ankles, aching back etc. until the very end.

However, whilst my body grew a nice, neat little bump with relatively little fuss, my brain went completely haywire. Whilst I was pregnant I blogged regularly, and I’m so glad I did as I came across a post the other day that fits perfectly with this month’s TalkMum pregnancy theme. The little details and stories in here would certainly have been forgotten had I now written them down. You’ll find my post below, written when I was 23 weeks pregnant, the memories of my scattiness and general bonkers behaviour made me smile, I hope you enjoy it...

Strange Second Trimester Symptoms... Jan 18th 2012

During the first trimester of my pregnancy I experienced some of the usual symptoms that we’ve probably all heard about – morning sickness, tiredness etc. Luckily for me (and the hubby) I got off pretty lightly and whilst I went through a period of feeling nauseous and extremely fatigued (at one point I fell asleep in a meeting, just for a second), all in all it wasn’t too bad.

I’d heard that the Second Trimester was meant to be the best, the tiredness eases (as does the sicky feeling), you get a nice, neat bump that isn’t too big/heavy and generally things are good. What nobody tells you though (or at least nobody told me) is that you get a whole host of other things to deal with that are really rather strange. I thought I’d share some of the strange (and slightly comical) symptoms I’ve been experiencing over the past few weeks that I hadn’t realised were a side effect of growing a mini-human…

Things that go bump in the night…

So the ‘nice, neat’ bump does get in the way when you’re sleeping, even at this early stage. Plus our little mini me seems to wake up as I want to go asleep and likes to do a bit of acrobatics at night, so a full night of uninterrupted sleep is already a rarity these days - all good practice I suppose.

When I have been sleeping though I have been having the most surreal, vivid dreams. In one recent one I was helping my alcoholic brother (who was Robert Downey Jnr) seek help (note: I do not have a brother), in another I was on a quest to find my lost cat – in a house full of cats that all looked identical. With the latter dream I woke myself up shouting ‘FREEEDDD’. Odd.

Another thing that I’ve been doing on a regular basis is waking up, heart racing clutching my wrist/neck/hand thinking I’ve lost aome item of precious jewellery. I think all I’m actually losing is my mind.

Things that just go bump…

I am so clumsy these days it’s ridiculous. Not only am I covered in bruises, I’m now only allowed to drink water from bottles in our house. This is after 2 incidents of me knocking full glasses of water over in our lounge – one of which went all over a very important electrical box thing that had something to do with our internet connection. We were without WiFi for a week and I was not popular. Oops.

And I don’t even want to mention the incident a few weeks ago involving a hot cup of coffee, my boss and her new Karen Millen skirt. Double oops.

What’s my name again?

I have always been a little bit ditzy, in an endearing way of course (I like to think) but of late this ditziness has escalated at an alarming rate, a few examples…

  • Forgetting my pin for a good five minutes in M&S (I’ve had the same PIN number for my cash cards since I was 18). The man on the checkout looked at me like I was a complete nutter as I stood there mumbling to myself whilst trying to remember what that pesky code was.

  • Asking for a ‘Granny Decaf Latte’ in Starbucks… ‘nope don’t think we’ve got any of them’ was the hilarious reply from the barista.

  • Strutting into work wearing a new bump-friendly outfit thinking I looked the bees knees, only to discover half way through the morning that I had my skirt on backwards, and toothpaste in my hair. Glamorous.

  • Spending a good 10 minutes one morning last week looking for my sock, which I realised I was already wearing, in fact I was wearing both socks.

Oh the joys of being pregnant, I wonder what the third (and final!) trimester will bring…

So tell us; what was the weirdest pregnancy symptom you experienced?

Anna is a Mum to one cheeky and mischievous baby boy, image consultant and fashion blogger over

Trained and endorsed by industry leaders Colour Me Beautiful, Anna offers make-up lessons, colour analysis and style consultations at her studio near Ilkley, Leeds.

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