Six ways to keep your early pregnancy secret

Here Are Six Ways To Keep Your Early Pregnancy Secret

Have You Just Found Out You're Pregnant But Are Not Yet Ready To Announce It? Here Are Six Ways To Keep Your Early Pregnancy A Secret

Are you pregnant, and not quite ready to tell the world yet? Here are six pregnancy excuses, reasons for not drinking and cover stories that may come in handy if you’re keeping mum for now about having a baby.

Pregnancy excuses - how to hide your early pregnancy

Announcing Your Pregnancy

It’s up to you to when you announce your pregnancy and there is no set rule. Lots of women wait until after the 12 week scan or end of the first trimester for various reasons including their own personal confirmation. However, others are happier to talk about it earlier, or also want to wait till much later on.

If you do want to wait to tell everyone you are pregnant, and it's your first baby, then it's possible you have an active and busy work and social life that may or may not involve the alcohol or some of the food you’re not sure if you can eat (especially if beige carbs are the only thing you can stomach).

Or you might feel sick and exhausted and can't imagine anything worse than getting dressed and leaving the house.

There’s no bigger clue that you’re expecting than using the excuse of ‘I’m on antibiotics.’ Although obviously it is your business, this is a big clue that people might use to guess your news.

Instead, here are six pregnancy excuses, convenient cover stories for why you’re not drinking, socialising and don't appear to be your normal lively self.

Six Pregnancy Excuses To Keep It A Secret

1. You’re So Hungover

A very plausible excuse if you go out a lot. A previous work function, party or even a mid-week drink at home will explain why you’re sticking to the water, green around the gills and running off to the loo every five minutes.

2. You’re The Designated Driver

Driving + not drinking = a no brainer.

3. It's Dry January / February / March / April 

Dry January - where people stay off alcohol for a month - is very popular post-Christmas, but who's to say you're not having a month (or two) off at other times to reap the health - and wallet - benefits?

4. You're On A Pro-Fertility Diet

If you've read our post on natural fertility boosters you'll know that it's recommended that you avoid alcohol if you're trying for a baby anyway, so this does make sense. Of course, this does involve telling people that you're TTC (trying to conceive) which may be an issue.

5. Just Say You're You’re Pregnant

Wait, what? Bear with us on this one! There's nothing more awkward than being asked the question outright by one of your curious companions, especially if you don't have a good poker face. Instead of denying it outright and appearing flustered, just say yes, of course you are! Then laugh it off as a joke.

6. Don't Use Any Pregnancy Excuse At All

it’s amazing how many people actually won’t notice if you don’t make a fuss. Accept a drink and just hold it. Or if you’re going to the bar, then lemonade, fizzy water or fruit juice could easily contain a mixer. And you can also find a willing accomplice to take your drink off you.

What cover stories did you use about why you weren't socialising? We'd love to hear them!

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