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Looking for the best podcasts about motherhood? We round up ten podcasts for mums and by mums, with advice and tips for you to listen to about parenting, the realities of life with a baby and brilliant insights about life as a parent that will make you realise you are not alone.

Here are five podcasts about motherhood for you to listen to:


Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum, Happy Baby

Giovanna Fletcher Podcast

What’s the podcast about? Happy Mum, Happy Baby is the parenting podcast from Giovanna, where she interviews a different guest each week to talk about their own experience of parenting. Giovanna has featured a whole host of fabulous guests including a very special episode with none other than the Duchess of Cambridge. You can read a review over on our TalkMum Book Club and find out what happened when we went along to the live podcast recording with Katie Piper.

Where can I listen to it? Download each episode here.

Helen Wills, Teenage Kicks

Helen Will Teenage Kicks

What’s the podcast about? The teenage years can be tough, for both teenagers and their parents. In this podcast, Helen, a mum of two, features a different guest who had a different, difficult experience in their teenage years but came through it and make a success of their lives. Helen started the podcast because she felt that while babies are a big focus of social media, no-one really talks about parenting teenagers. Topics have included self-harm, mental health and a guest who’s father went to prison.

Where can I listen to it? Download each episode here.

Alison Perry, Not Another Mummy Podcast

Alison Perry Not Another Mummy Podcast

What’s the podcast about? The Not Another Mummy podcast features a different parent each week, talking about issues related to parenting and motherhood. Parenting can be tricky, and the podcast aims to shine a light on things that everyone experiences. Topics have included childbirth, body image and breastfeeding.

Where can I listen to it? Download each episode here.

Louise Pentland, Mothers’ Meeting

Mothers' Meeting With Louise Pentland

What’s the podcast about? YouTuber and social media superstar Louise has recently launched her own mum-focused podcast called Mothers’ Meeting. In each episode she features a pair of guests talking about mum hacks, tips and their own experiences of parenting, all presented in Louise’s typically warm and familiar style. Recent guests have included Pussycat Dolly Kymberly Wyatt and popstar Rachel Stevens.

Where can I listen to it? Download each episode here.

 The Scummy Mummies Podcast

Scummy Mummies

What’s the podcast about? Scummy Mummies is the podcast for less-than-perfect parents and a great one to listen to if you need cheering up. Presented by comedians Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson, each episode they discuss a range of topics relevant to modern mums and dads, from culture and current affairs. Expect brutal honest and lots of laughs.

Where can I listen to it? Download each episode here.

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