May on TalkMum: birthdays, memories and milestones

From the positive pregnancy test, to the moment you hold your newborn, to your baby's first birthday and beyond; the motherhood journey is full of memorable moments you'll never forget.

This month on TalkMum is all about birthdays, milestones and memories. We're celebrating all the special events that make being a parent - and the sleepless nights! - worthwhile.

But start off we're handing over to all our brilliant TalkMum bloggers - what was your favourite baby milestone?

  • The first ‘real laugh’ was a precious moment - although the first smiles were obviously cute too. It’s just that first laugh when you realise that they’ve found humour/comedy whatever you want to call it! Amazing! Please welcome new TalkMum blogger Kathryn, Director & Editor of
  • My favourite baby milestone was the first time she appeared to be trying to actually communicate with us. She said Panda! I also look back fondly on the day that she first rolled over, which was the first time she did anything really other than be, sleep and eat. I can remember it so vividly even down to the clothes she was wearing and where we were. She was 14+6 and I can picture it perfectly. Rachel, The Little Pip
  • Crawling has to be my favourite milestone. Milin had been rocking backwards and forwards on his hands and knees for weeks, but one morning it suddenly clicked into place and he just took off. He was so happy to gain so much independence and was from then on scuttling around the lounge from toy to toy to mum to dad - and loving every second. Kiran blogs over at Hello Little Mister, and is also writing about her pregnancy journey for us here on TalkMum - read her first update
  • It's really difficult to isolate one favourite milestone; each day can bring something new and significant. However, I loved the first smile and being able to distinguish between that and just wind! I also loved the first roll as it was the first real sign of independence, and I could see how pleased they were with their achievement. Oh gosh, the crawling was great, so was the first laugh and of course that amazing first step that we'd all been willing them to make. Read Fran's blog, The Parent Social and all her TalkMum posts here
  • For me my milestone was when Lucas walked into nursery. After having hip dysplcia, three operations, endless scans and x-rays I was filled with joy the day I saw him walk up the steps with his brother for the first day at pre-prep. There he was in his little shorts and blazer with a smile and a spring in his step just like all the other little boys - something in the darker days of his treatment I wondered if we would ever see. Collecting him at the end of the day as he proudly ran down the lawn with a painting in his hand was just the best moment ever. Nat blogs at Just Because I Love
  • For me, it's when they do their first 'real' smiles i.e. not just wind! I can't wait for this with new baby L, it means so much knowing that they can finally tell you that you're making them happy. Read Marissa's blog Little Rascal Reviews
  • All baby milestones have a special place in your heart. But if I had to choose a best baby milestone it would have to be the first smile and giggle. It just melts your heart and makes everyone else giggle too! Fozia blogs at Muslim Mummy and you can read her TalkMum articles here
  • I say that every milestone is my favourite - as they generally are! - but walking has been the best so far (I even blogged about it). However, Eliza is just starting to properly talk, and I think I might love that even more...You can find my blog at A Baby on Board.

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