Looking back at The Motherhood Month on TalkMum

March on TalkMum was The Motherhood Month. We’ve been discussing what it means to be a mum, and celebrating motherhood in all shapes and forms.

Here's a round-up of all the posts from this month:

  • Lipbalm, scarf, baby wipes; what are your nappy bag essentials for mums? Read Rachel’s list...let us know if there’s anything else you would include
  • Fozia discussed her mixed feelings on seeing her positive pregnancy test, and how she came to bond with her unborn baby
  • Pregnant TalkMum Eleanor wrote about how she’s dealt with SPD, and how she’s looking forward to the birth of her first child
  • In honour of Mother’s Day, Marissa let us all in on the worst gifts you could possibly receive. Can anyone top presents of a fluorescent Nelson Mandela apron, an open box of cereal or perineum massage oil? We’d love to know...
  • March also marked World Down’s Syndrome Day, and we had a special guest post from Deborah French, mum of four, who wrote about finding out her daughter had Down's Syndrome. Deborah’s book, A Brief Moment in Time, is available to download now

Here’s what our TalkMum bloggers have been writing about elsewhere...

  • Fran has written about the Duchess of Cambridge and finding out the sex of your baby (Did you find out, or did you leave it as a surprise?)
  • Read Kiran’s post about the delivery of their belongings from New Zealand
  • Rachel wrote a beautiful and honest post about motherhood
  • Marissa, who is due with her second child any day now is currently playing the waiting game

Want to know more? Find out all about our bloggers over on our bio page, and if you'd like to write for TalkMum then get in touch to let us know (either via email or tweet us @TalkMum).

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