Kim Kardashian-West is currently trying to turn her breech baby to avoid a caserian delivery. Here we look at some positive c-section tips and advice from our bloggers... Celebrity mum Kim Kardashian-West, 38 weeks pregnant with her second child, has spoken out about how her baby boy is currently breech and she is facing a c-section delivery. Kim - who once famously said she was prepared to - says she is not keen on the idea of a caesarian delivery and is doing everything she can to avoid one, including sitting upside down, placing ice on her bump, trying acupuncture and even hypnosis - all in a bid to get her baby to turn. But are c-sections all that bad? For many women they are the only option to give birth, and most importantly the safest possible outcome for mum and baby for a myriad of both physical, mental and personal reasons. If you're facing a c-section delivery, or have chosen one, here's some words of wisdom, tips and advice from our TalkMum bloggers. Katie Mummy Daddy and Me c-sectionsCan c-sections be a positive experience? Absolutely. Katie from Mummy, Daddy and Me had both of her children via c-section, and explained more about her happy c-section deliveriesin her latest TalkMum video. You can also read her post on documenting her pregnancies online and eilidh-mummy-bloggerWere you aware you can request delayed cord clamping and also immediate skin-to-skin when having a c-section? Eilidh from Mummy and Monkeys had a c-section delivery with her third baby, and gave us six tips based onwhat she wished she'd known about caesareans. Make sure you read her post. 'Having a c section is not an easy option and it definitely does not make you any less of a Mum.' says Eilidh. 'It was such an emotional, amazing experience, bringing our baby girl into the world and I am forever grateful that she was delivered safely in this way and that I got to experience it with my partner. It is a moment that is always going to be remembered by both of us as being special, despite the circumstances. Eleanor bristol parentFaced with an emergency c-section? Eleanor from The Bristol Parent had an unplanned, emergency caesarian delivery after her waters broke but she didn't progress quickly enough. But for her it was a positive experience that didn't mean panic, drama or any negativity. Eleanor says 'A c-section was the only way of birthing that I hadn’t considered or planned for...If you’re expecting a baby, when it comes to birth, you’ll get told birth stories, not given advice, and I think that’s a good thing. You can plan for labour and birth but you can’t plan for how your body will decide to take things. Don’t be scared of an emergency c-section, read about the risks and benefits and listen to tales like mine. Emergency doesn’t necessarily mean danger or panic.' Read more in her Did you have a c-section delivery? Leave a comment and let us know if you have any tips.Here’s some tips on your stomach after a c-section, tips on preparing for labour and how hypnobirthing can help when you have a c-section.
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