Tips for a European road trip with a toddler

It's a new month on TalkMum and that means, a new theme....

Have you been enjoying the sunshine and heat we've been having in the last couple of weeks? One thing is for sure: summer is well and truly here! So, this month on TalkMum it only seems right that we talk about having some serious summer fun.

You can expect things like tips from our TalkMum bloggers on fun outdoor activities to entertain their little ones, tasty picnic ideas that toddlers will love and some DOs and DON'Ts when you're going to a family festival.

We'll even be looking at how you can make use of the warm weather to get ahead with weaning and potty training (yes really!)

If you're pregnant, it can feel miserable missing out on all the Pimm's and prosecco drinking at BBQs and weddings, so we'll have some tips on how to cope!

Now read: How to keep your baby cool in a heatwave and these great tips on saving money on a family holiday!

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