Do you listen to parenting podcasts? For our life spring cleaning month, we take a look at podcasts – what they are, how you listen to them, and five ideas for podcasts that will help you, make you laugh, empathise or spur on your creativity.

Firstly, what’s a podcast?

Let’s take it right back to basics. So, what is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio file that you download and listen to. Podcasts usually - but not always - take the form of a regular show that is split into a series of different episodes.

The content of podcasts can vary wildly; they might have presenters, guests, a serialised story, music, and so on.

Podcasts are uploaded to the internet for people to download, and listened to via computer, digital device or on your phone. They are usually free to download and listen to.

Did you know the term ‘podcast’, which was first coined in 2004, is a combination of the words ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast'?

How do you listen to a podcast?

Podcasts are usually downloaded directly on to your computer or phone and listened to via an app or specialist audio software. But it’s not complicated – if you have an iPhone, for example, you download them from the App Store and listen to them on the Podcast programme that is already on your phone.

You can also listen to podcasts directly via websites in the case of big broadcasters like the BBC (check the website for more details).

What are the most inspiring parenting podcasts to listen to?

Here are four parenting podcasts we love listening to, and why:

Not Another Mummy Podcast: The podcast from Alison Perry, writer of Not Another Mummy Blog, each episode features a guest talking about a specific parenting topic, from style as a new mum through to looking after yourself as a newborn. We love the episode with Louise Pentland and also Clemmie Hooper discussing birth.

Hashtag Authentic: Created by Sara Tasker, the Instagram influencer who’s built a massive following, this podcast discusses everything related to online creativity and social networks. One to listen to if you want to up your insta-game or take better photos of your children.

Scummy Mummies: The Scummy Mummies are comedians Helen and Ellie, who discuss wide-ranging issues relating to parenting in their stage show, via social media and on their podcast. No topic is off-limits, and they’ve covered everything including pregnancy and pelvic floors, same-sex parents and your sex life after babies.

Happy Mum, Happy Baby: Following the discussion started in her book of the same name, Giovanna Fletcher interviews parents in a no-holds barred look at parenting where she interviews different guests about all aspects of parenting.

Which are your favourite parenting podcasts? Leave a comment and let us know. Make sure you also read our list of the best parent vloggers

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