Infertility, Pregnancy And Becoming A Mother Of Four | Charlotte's Story

Following the news that mum Charlotte Parker is now expecting triplets after being told even IVF wouldn’t help her fall pregnant, we take a look at the impact of infertility and the role that Pregnacare can help play if you are trying for a baby.

After failing to fall pregnant, Charlotte Parker was told by doctors that it was almost impossible that she would ever have a baby, even if she tried IVF. However, she’s now awaiting the birth of triplets, due in the same year as she gave birth to her first son.

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Charlotte And Billy’s Story

A week before Charlotte and her husband Billy were due at a fertility clinic to talk about the potential of using an egg donor, Charlotte realised her period was a week late.

After being convinced to take a pregnancy test – despite protesting that there was no point – the first test was positive, as were the next seven tests she took.

They were thrilled to became parents in September 2016 after their son Lewis was born following a problem-free pregnancy.

Finding Out They Were Pregnant..Again!

Shortly after Lewis was born they decided to try for more children. The only change Charlotte made was to take Pregnacare. And just months later, the couple were amazed to take another positive test.

Charlotte initially thought she might be having twins because she felt more tired and sick than she had with Lewis. However, she was actually expecting triplets. So after initially being told it was impossible that they would have a baby, they are now set to have four children in just 11 months.'We felt very lucky to have Lewis and thought we would like another baby. We didn't think we would be so lucky again but just thought we would see what happened.’ Says Charlotte.

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'We felt very lucky to have Lewis and thought we would like another baby. We didn't think we would be so lucky again but just thought we would see what happened.’ Says Charlotte.

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'We didn't have any fertility treatment, I just didn't go back on the pill and was on Pregnacare…It was an amazing feeling, we couldn't believe it.’

What Is Infertility And How Many People Does It Affect?

Infertility is defined by the NHS as failing to get pregnant despite having regular unprotected sex. It is usually only usually diagnosed when a couple haven't managed to conceive after one year of trying.

There are two types of infertility:

  • Primary infertility – where someone who's never conceived a child in the past has difficulty falling pregnant
  • Secondary infertility – where someone has had one or more pregnancies in the past, but is having difficulty conceiving again.

According to Pregnacare charity partner Fertility Network UK, 1 in 6 couples have some experience with fertility issues in the UK, as many as 3.5 million people. Even if this isn't or wasn't you directly, it's likely that you know someone - a friend, relative or family member - who has struggled at some point.

There are many potential causes of infertility, from age to lifestyle and medical reasons.

What Further Steps Are Available To Help Those Affected By Infertility?                                                                              

If infertility is something that has affected you, don’t panic. There are many medical options, from medication to help with ovulation, to surgical procedures and assisted conception (such as IVF or conception using donor eggs).

It is advised to see your doctor if you are not pregnant after a year of trying, or earlier if you are aged 36 or over or have a history of medical problems that might cause fertility issues.

How Can Pregnacare Help Those Who Are Trying For A Baby?

Once you have decided to take the big and exciting step try for a baby it’s vital to support your health and wellbeing during this time. Pregnacare Conception supplements are designed to be taken before you get pregnant and include 400mcg folic acid, the exact level recommended by the UK Department of Health from the start of trying to conceive. Providing advanced nutritional support for women trying for a baby, Pregnacare Conception also contains vitamin D and vitamin B12, plus zinc, which is scientifically proven to support normal fertility and reproduction.

Looking Forward To The Birth

Charlotte and her family are now excitedly preparing for life as a family of six and have even converted their garage into a playroom.

Couple Holding A Baby

Huge congratulations to the Parker family from all of us at Pregnacare and TalkMum; we look forward to following your journey.

More information on Charlotte’s story is here

Make sure you also read our Pregnacare pregnancy A - Z guide.

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