It can be easy to get stuck in a food rut with children. So what are some good dinnertime resources and new ideas for meals you can incorporate into your menu? Although some mums and dads are blessed with blissfully happy eaters who will polish off platefuls of anything, most children will go through some level of picky eating at some point. It's likely they will have firm favourites and it's easy to make these for them time after time. Most parents will know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut with mealtimes when small children are involved. Where can you get ideas for different food?   Look online Your local library: If you don't want to spend lots of money on cookbooks, try your local library. They are likely Ask your friends Mix it up: Sometimes presenting food in different ways can make it seem more exciting, differnet or encourage tme to try it. Invest in a section plate If your child has school dinners, they might be attracted by the colourful lure of lunchboxes. My daughter loves nothing more than having her after-school dinner We also love bento lunchnboxes, where people make food look fun
Alexandra Phillips

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