Summer is officially here, with high temperatures set to continue for most of the week. So how can you help your child sleep in a heatwave? Water is key here to help them cool down before bed. Forgo the evening bath and get everyone in the paddling pool instead (it still counts as getting clean!). Failing that, make everyone shower before bed. Make sure it's cool though. Forget pyjamas, strip them off and let them sleep in as little as they are comfortable with. Make sure all bedding is cotton and keep the bed free of the usual soft toy mountain. For older children who have a duvet, let them have a single sheet to cover them instead (or the giant baby muslins work really well in this instance). It sounds extreme, but you could try putting your children's pillowcases in the fridge in a bid to chill them out before putting them on the bed. Watch the temperature of the room - this is especially important with young children. Dig out your old nursery thermometer to check if it's safe for them to sleep in there. If not, let them camp in other areas of the house. Keep a beaker or drink of cool water next to the bed for them to drink when they need it. Bottles of frozen water around the room will also bring the temperature down. If it's safe to do so, keep a window ajar in their room or in a room near to theirs. Don't do this until late evening though, as early evening is when pollen counts are really high. Do you know any brilliant tips to help your child sleep in a heatwave? Make sure you also read our posts on keeping cool with a summer pregnancy and all our posts from summer fun month
Neelam Kalotia

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