Healthy Hens: 5 alternative hen parties that are fun yet healthy

There’s no doubt that every bride-to-be looks forward to a fun-filled hen party with their closest pals, but that doesn’t always mean the more “traditional” type of hen do is the best way to go. Increasing numbers of women are staying committed to their already healthy lifestyle and prioritising their fitness and wellbeing when it comes to their last night of freedom, rather than opting for a wild night out.

If you’ve been tasked with planning a healthy hen do for a bride who wants to stick to her fit lifestyle vows, not to worry. We’ve listed five of our favourite healthy hen party ideas that nobody could say ‘I object’ to. Find out how to throw a healthy hen do that everyone will love, and look forward to a hangover-free morning after too!

1. Get the blood pumping with hen do hiking

Hen do hikes are becoming a hit with active brides looking for something fun and energetic to do. You can choose to organise a hike for the group yourself, or you can have a team of specialists do it for you.

These days, you’ll find a variety of hen do hiking organisers such as Strawberry Hen, who will plan the route, provide you with everything you need for the walk, and even supply a lovely glass of bubbly for each group member when you reach the summit.

What’s more, some of these organised events even have a relaxing yoga session added in at the end of the day. With a mix of heart-pumping hiking and soothing yoga, all brought together with a glass of fizz, this is a fantastic healthy hen do option for health-conscious hens.

Make sure you’re ready and raring to go on a hen do hike, with the help of energy vitamins for women from our Wellwoman range!

2. Organise a themed treasure hunt

If you want to organise a healthy hen do that’s completely unique to the bride to be, why not plan a themed treasure hunt using clues and locations based on the future bride and groom’s relationship?

It could be anything from where the couple first met to where the proposal took place - even something as simple as their favourite place to eat! Basing the hen do around the happy couple’s time together is a great way for a hen to celebrate and look forward to her wedding day. What’s more, a treasure hunt is one of the best ways to bring these memories together for everyone at the hen party to enjoy - and there’s nothing unhealthy about it, either!

3. Try a dance class ahead of the big day

Have you seen one of the many viral videos hitting screens, which showcase brides performing brilliant dance routines on their wedding day? If your hen is a dance fanatic, why not book a day of dance rehearsals as part of her healthy hen do?

As a group, you could have a choreographer teach you a dance routine that you could perform to wedding guests together! It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for healthy hens looking for something a little different and memorable for their celebrations, it’s well worth considering.

Alternatively, why not try some pole dancing lessons or bridal barre classes instead? Paired with a playlist full of the bride to be’s favourite tunes, this alternative hen party idea will soon burn a fair few calories and everyone will enjoy getting involved, too!

4. Enjoy a weekend of recuperation

During all the stress of planning a wedding, your health-conscious hen may well appreciate a weekend away to relax and recuperate before the big day. Whether that’s in a remote lodge with a roaring fire and comfy sofas, or a modern spa retreat with all the amenities you could desire - there’s plenty of variety to choose from when it comes to booking a relaxing and healthy hen weekend away.

A calming weekend break can be as healthy as you think it should be. You can decide whether or not you will drink alcohol, what food you will eat, and how you want to spend the days and evenings on your weekend away. This kind of hen party can be completely tailored to the healthy hen’s wants and needs, which is what makes it one of our favourite alternative hen party ideas.

5. Celebrate the past and the future all at once

Add some nostalgia to the bride to be’s healthy hen do by organising an event that’s centred around her childhood memories.

It could be anything from a roller disco party to fancy dress karaoke, a crystal maze experience to sports day obstacle courses. There are so many ways to celebrate her future years with a trip down memory lane as part of a fun and healthy hen do - and who wouldn’t enjoy a hen party that’s all about having fun and doing something a little out of the ordinary?

These are just a few of our favourite suggestions for organising a fun-filled hen. If you have any suggestions of your own for how to throw a healthy hen do, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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