Growing up fast with an unplanned pregnancy

One of the world’s million dollar questions has to be ‘Is there ever a perfect time to have a baby?’ This is one of those questions no one has the magic answer to, except maybe for Mother Nature! TalkMum blogger Natalie shares how her unplanned pregnancy changed her life and shares some advice for those of you planning to get pregnant.

I always knew that I wanted to have children; I was from a close family of girls and we had lots of cousins and so just assumed it was the path I would always follow. I just didn’t bargain for it happening when I did.

I had a high pressured, PR career and was living life to the full in London with my boyfriend. The only bottles I was interested were in the bar at happy hour, I wore skinny jeans and heels rather than maternity trousers and flats and the only wheels I was using were on the tube, prams just weren’t on my radar.

However, it may have not been on the agenda but that blue line we saw one Sunday afternoon August was the wake-up call for me that I needed to really grow up eventually. I’d been living hard and fast for years and seeing a tiny little body and hearing a little heart beat on the first scan was better than the beats in any trendy city bar. Once I knew I was pregnant I went into planning over drive. As well as having a baby I was also going to be a bride and house mover in the coming months. We did a lot in 7 months but by the time my beautiful first son entered the world I was super organised and very happy that my life had taken this twisted but amazing turn.

Planning second time was done properly. I looked after myself properly, stopped taking the pill and was delighted that I got pregnant on our belated honeymoon. By planning for number 2 we were ready for another pregnancy, we knew what to expect and it meant we had the age gap we wanted and another summer baby.

I have to say that when it came to making babies, I was one of the lucky ones and will never take that for granted. I have friends who have struggled with conceiving, who’ve had IVF and who simply cannot have children and their pain is heart breaking. I cannot imagine how they feel but I can be there to offer love and support.

When you start thinking about having a baby it’s really important to look at your health and that of your partner. Try to give yourselves three months to prepare for pregnancy, during which time you should try to be as healthy as possible and cut down on all your bad habits.

Family, friends and even your boss will probably have an opinion about the best time to add to your family. Whether you decide to have close together in age, or if you can’t bear the thought of juggling newborn nappies with the terrible twos, the choice is yours and I wish you lots of fun trying!

Nat x

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