Five tips for safe cleaning when you're pregnant

Is it safe to clean when you’re pregnant? We look at five tips to follow around safe cleaning when you’re expecting

One question you might have during pregnancy is around cleaning when you’re pregnant. Is it safe? What products should you avoid? And is it best to sit it out for the whole nine months and let someone else take over instead?

While the last one might be great, for many people it is unavoidable (sadly!). Especially if it’s not your first baby, you are likely to have to clean at some point to stop your house descending into chaos.

Firstly, make sure you share household jobs equally around the household so it's not just up to you and secondly, read these tips on safe cleaning when you’re pregnant:

Check the cleaning products are safe: Generally, cleaning products are safe to use during pregnancy but always read the labels which will tell you. If you want to avoid anything with harsh chemicals in, here is a list of natural cleaning products and alternatively, you can make your own using the type of products you are likely to have in the house anyway, such as vinegar.

Ventilate the room you're cleaning: Avoid the risk of contamination by making sure the room is fully ventilated - open the windows and doors where possible. Avoid using aerosol products, especially in confined spaces, as the fine mist these give off is more likely to be inhaled.

Wear rubber gloves: This will limit contact with any chemicals, and also protect your sensitive pregnancy skin.

Get someone else to clean the oven: The dreaded task of cleaning the oven is one you can possibly pass over, as the type of chemicals this uses will be more toxic. Alternatively, try this tip for using baking soda and vinegar.

Make it as quick as possible: Follow the tips for speed cleaning – where you clean a room with the minimal movements possible, to make it less exhausting - from our post on the best ways to spring clean your house.

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