Five tips for a stress-free toddler picnic

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The weekend is set to be a scorcher, so if you're heading out and about, here are five tips for a stress-free toddler picnic

For our first post in List Month, we're going to look at five tips for a stress-free toddler picnic.

Why are picnics so great? Getting out of the house stops everyone from going stir crazy, and a picnic is a good way of making a day of a trip out. It means everyone has some fresh air. Picnics are cheaper than buying expensive food on-the-go and they mean you can have your lunch whenever you feel like it.

Plus, picnics are fun!

We all know toddlers can be brilliant but tricky, so here are our five tips for a stress-free family picnic with toddlers:

Pack Tasty Treats They Will Want To Eat: Toddlers can be picky eaters at the best of times, but you don't want hanger to strike while you're out and about. Stock up on healthy food and snacks they will happily munch on to keep everyone happy. Read our ideas for five tasty summer picnic ideas before you pack up your bag.

Pick The Location Wisely: If you're looking for inspiration on picnic locations, read this post on a family picnic at Bristol Harbourside and this round-up of the  best parks in south east London all of which feature playparks. Meanwhile, if you've got a baby who's not yet eating solids, pack a little picnic for yourself and head somewhere picturesque; A Bristol Parent has a great guide to places in Bristol that you can breastfeed with a view.

Stay Sun Safe: If outdoor fun is on the cards then it's important to make sure everyone is protected from the sun. Read our post on keeping babies and toddlers safe in the sun. Pack cream, hats, glasses and protective clothing. Just don't forget to apply suncream to yourself!

Be Cool: Make sure you take lots of water; add ice cubes to the bottles if you'll be out for a while. And water isn't just for drinking, pick a place with a paddling pool too to keep everyone cooled down (make sure you stay water safe though).

Take Wipes: Finally, al fresco eating always means it's bound to get messy, so take plenty of wipes!

If the weather takes a turn for the worse - fingers crossed it doesn't!

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