Five things that surprised me about pregnancy

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Think you know what being pregnant is going to be like? Think again...In our latest post for Pregnancy Month, TalkMum blogger Jenny tells us the five things that have surprised her about pregnancy.

Finding out you are pregnant is a huge surprise in itself. After some really early pregnancy signs I tested myself three times before demanding the doctor test me too. But after the early days of pregnancy, once the news settles and you may well find a few more surprises in store before the big day. Bearing in mind every woman is different not everyone might experience these ‘surprises’ but here are my top 5 surprises about pregnancy so far…

1) Baby Brain Is No Myth! 

Having heard pregnant women blame various things on baby brain I thought, surely it’s just a myth? Lo and behold I have found out first hand Baby Brain is very real indeed. There have been moments where I am hunting for my mobile phone convinced it’s been stolen (while on it speaking to my mum!), completely forgotten the route I have driven a million times and even left the key in the front door. Gone is the master multitasker I once was, but I am hoping she will be back once the hormones and sleepless nights have subsided.

2) I Haven’t Had To Buy Much Maternity Wear

When I found out I was pregnant I had visions of shopping for maternity wear from quite early on but surprisingly the only things I have had to buy are some maternity leggings (my favourite are the MAMA over the bump leggings from H&M and one dress for my best friend’s wedding. Everything in my wardrobe is still fitting quite nicely at week 34 of my pregnancy. Just as well really as I am too tired most days to go shopping (I never got into online shopping but I have a feeling that may change).

3) Some Days You Can Feel A Little Bit Blue

We all hear about Baby Blues and Post Natal Depression but I was surprised to have experienced it before the baby’s arrival. The pesky hormones had me crying listening to songs on the radio and once or twice I woke up just feeling a bit blue for no reason whatsoever. Thankfully it didn’t last but I really didn’t expect to feel anything other than joy throughout my pregnancy so this took my completely by surprise.

4) Sleepless Nights Start Sooner Than You Expect

I was fully prepared for sleepless nights after the baby arrives but no one told me about before the baby arrives! As I mentioned in a previous post, for as long as I can remember in pregnancy, I have had to wake up four or five times in the night to pee. At first I found it very tiring the next day at my desk but funny enough I am now used to it. It did ease off a bit during my second trimester but now at week 34 it has come back with a vengeance.

5) Insane Itching On My Hands And Feet

As if waking five times a night to visit the loo wasn’t bad enough at roughly 28 weeks I got horrendous itching on my hands and feet. For about a month I would fall asleep then wake up after an hour with this insane itching that nothing could calm down apart from a good 2-3 hours of scratching. I was tested for Obstetrics Cholestasis but it came back negative so the doctors and midwives put it down to our good friend, hormones. For me not only was this my biggest pregnancy surprise but also what drove me to my wits end. It led to a complete breakdown (funny what sleep deprivation over a month can do) but fear not, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. After a month the itching was much more manageable and as long as I use emollients and Epaderm cream to shower with I rarely wake up itching. Although saying that, three friends have experienced this and one had it until she gave birth and the other for a further 7 months after her twins arrived. They assured me it is all worth it though and I agree. I would endure all the itching in the world if it meant my baby arrived safely!

What's been your biggest pregnancy surprise? Leave a comment - we'd love to hear from you.

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