Five easy ways to make friends as a new mum

How easy is it to make friends as a new mum, and why are mum friends so important? Here are five tried and tested ways to find them

Are you pregnant or have just had a baby and want to meet like-minded mums who are going through similar experiences to you?

Making friends when you are a new mum can be incredibly valuable, and it's possible that friends you make during this time will be ones you know for many years to come.

Why is it important to make friends when you're a new mum?

While it's an amazing experience for many, new motherhood take you out of your usual work and social circles and potentially leave you feeling isolated and alone. The newborn period also involves dealing with intense situations and new emotions, that, while common when you have a tiny baby, are unfamiliar when it's the first time you've navigated them.

What can really help is to have a friend - or a group of friends - going through the same thing at the same time. A like-minded person can help, give tips and advice or just lend a sympathetic ear when you've been up since 4am and haven't washed your hair in a week. This can be an absolute godsend in the early baby days, and beyond.

Getting out and about with your new baby can also make everything seem brighter and more manageable, and having other friends to meet up with can be that excuse you need to get you out of the house when the baby is grizzly and everyone is tired.

So how easy is it to make new mum friends?

The idea of making new friends can feel intimidating, especially if it seems like everywhere you look there are groups of people with prams comparing babygros and you're all alone.

We talked about ways to make friends when you are pregnant, but what about as a new mum?

For our next post in Friendship Month, here is how to make friends as a new mum, with five easy ways to meet other new parents in a similar siuation to you:

Mum 'dating' apps: While apps are now common in everyday life for everything from passing time on your commute to helping you meet the love of your life, did you know there are now several dedicated to helping you make friends as a new mum? Apps and sites like Mush, Mummy Social and Peanut all have a similar aim - to connect you with like-minded mums in your local area you can chat to and hopefully have enough in common with to meet up and forge friendships.

Playgroups and baby groups: While lots of playgroups are more suitable for older children, have a look for groups that cater especially for newborns and young children. These will typically take place in your local church hall or community centre and offer the chance to chat with other mums while you have a hot cup of tea. While groups like this might seem intimidating, give them time. You might not meet friends are first, but other mums will become more familiar the more you go back.

Breastfeeding sessions: If you are breastfeeding your baby, look out for local breastfeeding drop-in sessions or cafes. These are where groups of mums meet up with a qualified expert such as a midwife and while they are useful sessions for tips and advice on feeding your baby, they are also a good place to meet other mums who are experiencing the same things you are.

Baby groups and sessions: If the church hall playgroup isn't your thing, look out for different baby-related sessions you can do instead. With everything from buggy fit to baby yoga being very popular at the moment, these sorts of sessions are great ways to meet other mums as well as keep your baby happy and occupied.

Out and about: While it can seem like everyone knows everyone apart from you when you're out and about, it's not the case at all. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for opportunities to strike up a conversation with other mums, from the doctor's waiting room to the park via the health visitor check-up. It's likely that there are lots of people, like you, just looking out for someone to chat to.

How did you make friends as a new mum? Make sure you also read our posts on exercise tips for new mums  and the best pieces of pregnancy advice

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