Eight inspiring ideas for new things to try this year

Inspired to try something new this year? Here are eight ideas for fresh things to try, from exercise to hobbies

Are you inspired to try something new this year? Make sure you read this post; we have eight ideas for you...

If you are a new mum reading this thinking 'when do I find the time?', don't worry! We know it can be easy to feel stuck in a rut when you have a million things to do and are still overwhelmed by the demands of the early baby days. So these are all small, easy and manageable ideas that can easily fit into your life and help to improve it.

So here is our list of eight new things to try this year to help to get off to a happy and productive 2018:

Running: Although it might seem like an easy and free option, many people are daunted by the idea of running and have no idea where to start - at first. But if you follow a structured exercise plan such as the NHS Couch to 5k it breaks down all the steps you need to take including when to run and for how long. Why run? It has been proven to help relieve stress, boost confidence and even combat low moods and depression.

We're going to focus on more easy exercise tricks this week, so stay tuned!

Yoga: If you tried and enjoyed pregnancy yoga then it might be a no-brainer to take it up once you're a parent. As well as helping with post-pregnancy flexibility and muscle tone, it can help you relax and stay positive. Read our beginners guide to yoga for inspiration.

Meditation and mindfulness: We wrote last year about mindfulness for mums and the benefits it can give you. So why not give it a go this year?

Try veganism: If you didn't start Veganuary at the start of the year, it's not too late - why not give it a go now if you want to change up your diet? Vegans cut out all animal-related products from their life, including meat, dairy and leather - among things and there are said to be many health and lifestyle benefits. Make sure you follow our favourite vegan mum blogger Fiona from Watching You Grow. for tips, advice and general good reads on parenting.

Take up a new hobby: We recently covered hobbies that you can manage when you're a mum - read the post for tips an inspiration on the type of hobby you can do when you have mall children.

Read more books: It's likely that your annual consumption of books took a nose-dive once you had children - it's difficult to find the time or the headspace, isn't it? If you are keen to rectify this, join a library for your children and you (find out why Gill from A Baby on Board loves the library) or invest in a simple e-reader to download books on. Blogger Erica Davies is also holding an online Book Club over on her Instagram feed if you like the idea of virtual literary companions.

Make some new mum friends: Making friends as a new mum can be hard and it's easy to feel isolated and alone. Read this post from our blogger Fran with ideas for making friends as a new mum. Or download an app like Mush that aims to connect you with like-minded mums in your local area.

Start a Bullet Journal: Our final idea in our list of new things to try this year, and you may have already heard about bullet journalling as it's the big new trend in diarising and organising. At first look, it might seem incredibly complicated but it's actually a method for organising your life that can be as simple as you like. It combines to-do lists, appointments and goals in a format you can personalise and make really pretty. Here are some tips for starting a bullet journal.

We hope you like our list of new things to try this year! Are you trying something new this year? We'd love to hear what it is! Make sure you also read our posts on parent vloggers to watch in 2018 and enter our competition with Summer Infant

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