David Gandy, ambassador for Wellman: the very best of British

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Known for his passion for fitness and for the championing of top British brands, David Gandy is the ambassador for Vitabiotics Wellman. The partnership between the global male supermodel and entrepreneur, and the number one vitamin supplement builds on David’s long-standing use of Wellman vitamins.


"I'm proud to be collaborating with Wellman vitamins, which I've used since my twenties. I'm a big advocate of their products; they help me to maintain the level of energy I need for a busy lifestyle so they're a great and reliable daily support."
-- David Gandy --

You're the latest ambassador for Wellman, what was so appealing about this new role?
It's a British brand and as well as working with international brands I try to champion British companies that are doing great things too. I have seen the effectiveness of Wellman and they continue to be a part of my regular routine. Combined with my love of fitness, it's a great supplement to help maintain health and vitality for men of any age - which is why it's the number one selling product in the market.

Tell us how and when you were first introduced to Wellman Original?
I've actually been taking Wellman since my early twenties and it's been part of my routine ever since. With all of the travelling I do for my job, and the need to stay in peak condition for shoots, I found I needed a bit of help to maintain my energy levels and my general health which Wellman does. It also contains magnesium which help combat fatigue so it fits perfectly within my overall approach to fitness. Keeping well is so important to me - I like to know that my immune system is supported with the vitamin D in Wellman.

Today's lifestyles mean supporting male health and vitality has never been so important; hectic days can negatively affect energy, the immune system and reduce general wellbeing. With Wellman, nutrient intake levels are enhanced, with a carefully optimised formula, suited for all men, including gym users and sportsmen. It also helps to safeguard daily diet, which can be placed under additional demands by modern lifestyle, stress, and pollution.

Come behind the scenes with David Gandy

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