What does T stand for in pregnancy? Find out in the latest instalment in our pregnancy and nutrition A-Z

When it comes to pregnancy and nutrition, what does the letter T stand for? We've looked at everything from A-S, so now it's the turn of the letter T:

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Teeth & gums: The combined effect of increased blood supply and pregnancy hormones can make your gums very soft and spongy. They may bleed when you brush your teeth or eat something hard like an apple. Make sure you brush your teeth with a soft brush and floss gently at least twice a day (after every meal if you can), paying particular attention to the area where your teeth meet your gums.

NHS dental care is free during pregnancy, so see your dentist regularly and make sure they know you are pregnant.

Gum problems can occur throughout pregnancy, but your gums should get back to normal soon after your baby’s birth.

Tiredness: A variety of factors can cause tiredness during early pregnancy, including insomnia, anxiety and poor diet. Anaemia may also develop in pregnancy if there is an insufficient intake of iron.

Combat symptoms by eating a well balanced diet and resting as and when you can (we know, that's easier said than done when you have a toddler!)

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