What does J stand for in pregnancy? It's the latest edition of our pregnancy A-Z series, focusing on the 10th letter of the alphabet

When it comes to pregnancy and nutrition, what does the letter J stand for? From Popeye's favourtite vegetable to the dreaded pregnancy symptom that will exhaust you, we find out...

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Jaundice: Some pregnant women experience severe itching during the third trimester of pregnancy. This symptom can be due to a condition called intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP).

Mild jaundice (yellow colouration of skin and eyes) can also occur in this condition.

Both the itching and the jaundice occur because the liver becomes up to 30 times less efficient at getting rid of bile (a greenish-yellow fluid that is partly a waste product, and partly used to digest fat) during pregnancy.

Always speak to your midwife or GP if concerned about itching as this should be investigated to eliminate ICP.

Juice: Drinking juice is another way to make sure you get the recommended intake of eight glasses of water per day.

Vitamin C requirements increase in pregnancy so a glass of fresh juice also helps to top this up.

Be aware that fruit juice has a high sugar content and should be consumed in moderation, though!

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