It is not uncommon for women to experience a rollercoaster of emotions through pregnancy. TalkMum blogger, Sonia, tells us about her emotional journey through both her pregnancies. Coming to the end of my second pregnancy I can safely compare the two. With only 3 weeks to go I can look back at how I felt with Noah and look back, with clarity, on how I have been feeling over the past 9 months. I was quite lucky in the respect that I did not experience erratic, angry or nasty behavioural changes: as I have heard this happens to some pregnant ladies. “Do not mess with a pregnant lady” did not fit for me. I still went through a rollercoaster of emotions, but these emotions tended to be ones of worrying about my unborn baby at every single hurdle. Which I am sure is a commonality between all pregnant women. The emotional rollercoaster ride begins before you even start trying for a baby: can I get pregnant? Will I be able to stay pregnant? Then, when you start trying, worries and emotions start to fly around: Can we actually get pregnant? Will it take years? Will we have problems? Me and my husband were extremely lucky on both accounts, we fell pregnant first time both times and had no problems in conceiving; which I know is not the case for a lot of couples out there and yes, we do count our lucky stars that we have had two healthy pregnancies. The development of the baby and the outcome were constantly on my mind. I never stop worrying about the next hurdle. At the moment I am a few days away from being 37 weeks, which is classed as full term. I know the baby has a great chance of survival but it doesn’t stop me from worrying about whether the baby will come before Saturday, whether the baby will be fully developed and whether everything during labour goes well. I think it’s natural to worry about these things as it is a very scary, yet very magical time – as long as you can control your emotions and thoughts so that the anxieties do not become too overwhelming, it’s all part of pregnancy.
Alexandra Phillips

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