A guide to feeling your best for the Christmas festivities

For many, there’s usually a long list of things to buy and tasks to complete before finally being able to sit back and enjoy the festivities.

Between the extensive eating, inevitable drinking sessions, late-night office parties and, of course, the copious amounts of Christmas shopping, sometimes there’s barely any time left for ourselves. This highlights the ever increasing need to find new methods for keeping well and staying healthy during the party season.

Vitabiotics’ range of energy supplements could be the solution to see you through this action-packed season. Each of our products is specifically designed with you in mind, to provide tailored nutritional support for when you need it most.

Our top tips will show you how to stay healthy over Christmas and start good habits in time for the new year.

Stay on top of your sleep schedule

keeping on top of sleep schedule

It may be tempting to stay out with your workmates for that extra hour or two at the Christmas do, however, this could leave you feeling sleepy and sluggish the next day.

Combining hectic days with restless nights can take its toll on your body over time, and will leave you feeling worn out by the time it gets to Christmas Day.

To stay feeling fresh and revitalised, it’s important to ease off on the alcohol and caffeine. Not only will this help you to sleep, it will also help improve the quality of your sleep. If you need a helping hand, read our post on how to get a good night’s sleep.

Alternatively, try our Wellman and Wellwoman energy supplements for an extra nutritional boost during the day.

Have a healthy Christmas meal

We’re all familiar with that full-up feeling after an indulgent Christmas Day meal. Whilst that sumptuous turkey, flavoursome stuffing and those crispy roast potatoes undoubtedly make you feel great at the time of eating, the aftermath can sometimes have the opposite effect.

It’s not only important to remember to eat in moderation around this time of year, but choosing healthier snacks and foods can help you to fight that stuffed feeling.

Why not opt for a cranberry chicken salad for a delicious twist on a classic Christmas combination, or sprinkle some walnuts over your red cabbage for a boost of omega-3 fatty acids.

Keep moving!

keeping moving in winter

It’s as important to stay active during the festive season as it is at any other time of year.

Exercising provides a wealth of benefits such as reduced risk of stress, mood-boosting and increased energy, all of which can help you to see you through one of the busiest periods of the year.

Our guide to low-impact exercises will provide you with easy activities to start with and keep active over the holiday season.

Prevent illness and injury

Whilst the drop in temperature is not a direct cause of colds and flu, these easily-spread illnesses are more prevalent around autumn and winter time.

Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to prevent yourself catching a cold and stay well in time for the festivities. Be sure to wash your hands regularly, use tissues when sneezing and coughing and refrain from sharing items with people who already have a cold.

These easy techniques will help you to stay well and prevent germs from spreading to others. For some extra nutritional immune system support, take Vitabiotics Immunace.

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