Ten Ways To Beat Blue Monday

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Many people get the blues around this time of year in the wake of the holiday season. However, did you know that January is also the month of the most ‘blue’ day of the year?

The term ‘Blue Monday’, falling on the third Monday of January, refers to the day of the year when we’re supposedly feeling the most down. The date is calculated by a specific formula that takes a number of factors into account, including:

  • Weather
  • Debt
  • Time Since Christmas
  • Time Since Failing Our New Year’s Resolutions
  • Low Motivation Levels
Blue Monday Formula
Blue Monday Formula

It may seem bizarre to pin down the nation’s sadness to a particular day. Yet Blue Monday highlights the fact that at this time of year a lot of us are feeling a bit lower than usual.

This year’s Blue Monday falls on January 15th and to give you enough time to beat the blues, we’re putting together our 10 best tips for feeling happy and well! Read on to learn more.

1. Exercise

Person Walking

Exercising releases endorphins which can give you a much-needed boost around this time of year. For added benefits, skip the gym and opt for exercising outside! The cold weather can amplify your workout and leave you feeling invigorated rather than deflated on Blue Monday.

Don’t forget to take your Wellwoman and Wellman supplements to give your body an extra level of nutritional support when exercising!

2. Listen To Your Favourite Music

Woman Listening To Music

Listening to music is one the best ways to beat Blue Monday. Music can help improve your mood and take the focus away from things that make you feel down.

3. Opt For A Change Of Scenery

Why not use January to take a bit of time off and go for a short break? A change of scenery could be all you need to clear your mind and you’ll return feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

4. Spend Time With Family And Friends

If you’re feeling down in January, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Spending quality time with your loved ones can help you to feel more positive and remind you what’s really important in life.

5. Mindfulness

Mindfulness Quote

Mindfulness is an useful tool not only in January, but all year round. It can help you to focus on the present and teaches techniques to help you keep calm in difficult situations. Read our blog post all about mindfulness and its benefits for more guidance.

6. Cook A Wholesome Meal

Tomato Soup

Cooking something that not only tastes good, but also has great nutritional value, can help boost your health and feel better around this time of year. Why not cook for others and turn it into a fun activity, or take on the challenge of learning new recipes to cook all year round.

7. Spend Time With Your Pet

Person With Dog On Mountain

Did you know your pet is more than just your best friend? They can also help you feel better when you’re down. Research has shown that spending close time with your furry friend could provide social support and can even have a positive effect on your mental health. So be sure to factor in some time for lots of walkies during January.

8. Help Others

One of the best ways to help yourself is by helping others. January is a great time to make the most of your skills and volunteer to help other people, whether through a charity or just lending a hand to someone you know who needs it. No matter the size of the gesture, others will appreciate your effort and this can also positively impact your mood too.

9. Get A Good Rest

Woman Sleeping On A Bed

The power of a good night’s sleep is often overlooked. However, it’s important to make the most of those hours in bed whenever you get the chance! Follow our 6 tips for a better sleep schedule to feel refreshed beyond Blue Monday.

10. Do Something That Makes You Happy

Woman Hiking

January is the perfect time of year to get organised after the festive break. Whilst getting organised can be great for the mind, body and soul, It’s also important to do something that makes you happy so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by some of the more tedious tasks.

Whether it’s reading a book or going for a walk, taking a small pause from daily life can help your mind get right back on track.

There are countless reasons why we all feel deflated from time to time, but once you’re aware of the right tools you can work towards a solution.

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