10 tips to organise childrens' bedrooms

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Are you looking for clever tips to organise your children’s bedroom? Here are ten useful ideas.

Children’s bedrooms are their haven, their den and their playground. They can also be incredibly messy and make parents seem like everywhere's drowning in so many toys, books and just stuff.

What you need are some simple but effective ways to make sure there's some organisation in the chaos.

Here Are Our 10 Tips To Organise Children's Bedrooms


1. Storage

The answer to everything in your children’s rooms is storage. While it may seem like they have an awful lot of possessions, from toys to books and clothes, if you organise it all then it’ll seem much less overwhelming. Keep similar toys in toy boxes you can stack, have a designated drawer for everything. You don’t have to be as detailed as having neat compartments for each colour of Lego brick, for example – even if you just sweep everything into a fabric toy bag at the end of the day it will be out of sight, and out of mind. We like these neutral grey baskets from H&M or these more colourful fabric bags from Play and Go, that double as a play space.

2. Have A Regular Sort Out

Children are brilliant at accumulating an incredible amount of stuff in a short time. While they may start life with a couple of tasteful wooden rattles, by the time they start school it’s likely they will have toys, books, hundreds of tiny *things* from magazines and party bags that you don’t even recognise. A regular sort-out to sift out what they’ve outgrown, broken or no longer play with will help keep on top of everything (from our experience, if they won’t let you throw anything away, do it when they’re not around!).

3. Keep It Simple

While we’re not suggesting you resort to a minimalist interior, if you keep the basics of their rooms – walls, carpets and furniture – in a neutral shade like white, black or wood, then you can add colour with bedding, prints and toys on display. This will help keep it feeling a lot less messy overall.

4. Rotate The Toy Collection

There’s evidence that children play better, and more imaginatively, with a smaller collection of toys. If you regularly rotate their collection it will mean they play better with less, with the added excitement when you bring out the toys they’d forgotten about. If storage is limited in your house, you can even do something as simple as throwing a blanket over some in their room.

5. Use Toys / Books As A Display

Children’s books have brilliantly colourful covers, so why not brighten up their rooms with them and organise them at the same time? Book storage like the Greenaway gallery bookcases from Great Little Trading Company will display them cover-out, which looks great and also helps them to see what’s on the shelf.

6. Keep In All Within Reach

If you do store toys away, make sure your children can reach them themselves so they are able to pick and choose what they want, to help them be more independent.

7. Use Integrated Storage

Items of furniture with integrated storage – for example, cabin beds with drawers underneath – are a clever way of saving space and mean there’s more room to store things away. IKEA make brilliant plastic drawer sets for children that double as a display shelf and bookshelf ledge.

8. Curate Collections

All little children seem to collect things, whether by design or happy accident - we're thinking cars, dolls or those tiny plastic things they seem to just accumulate. If you can group things together in the room or find a display / play cabinet to keep them in, it's likely they will keep them more tidy, once play has stopped for the day.

9. Create Fun Zones

While space may be limited, a great way to organise children's bedrooms is it to create different zones in children’s rooms where you collect things - even if it’s just a cushion by a bookcase as a reading area.

10. Get Them To Help

Depending on your child’s age (and willingness!) it’s always a good idea to get them involved. Being strict about it probably won’t help; everyone remembers being nagged by their parents to tidy their rooms. Instead, present it as a fun challenge. Start them on small tasks like always putting Barbies in their box, or straightening their bed each morning, and go from there.

Those are our ten tips to organise children's bedrooms - do you have any good ideas? We'd love to hear them.

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