10 things to do in September

What's happening this month? Here's a round-up of ten of the best things to do in September:Go back to school: It's September, so for lots of children - and parents! - that means it's time to return to school. Here's some of the from a whole class of knowledgeable mums. Take a brilliant 'first day at school' photo: Here's some tips on to make sure it's one for the album. Make the most of the last days of summer: We're experiencing the last few days of glorious weather, so make the most of it with some  (and read these tips of ). Celebrate the harvest festival: September is traditionally the time of the harvest festival. Read more about Watch the CBeebies Prom: For those moments where you just need to sit down, let them watch the , a classical music journey around the country, with all the CBeebies characters. Collect conkers: Head to the nearest park to collect conkers. A classic childhood favourite! Make sure you don't get too competitive. Yes, *you*. Then make a friendly conker worm: Check out for an autumn-friendly craft that toddlers and pre-schoolers will love. Jump in autumnal leaves: While you're at the park, jump in all the leaves. And make sure you bring some home... To make autumn leaf suncatchers: We love  for making autumn leaf suncatchers to brighten up your window. Go puddle jumping: Let's face it, it's bound to rain at some point. So if you've exhausted all the  then get on your boots and raincoats and go and jump in some puddles Have a brilliant September...let us know what fun activities you get up to.
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