The Pre Dad MOT

When a couple talks about trying for a baby it is generally the woman that starts looking at her lifestyle and starts making changes to improve her health. These changes can include giving up smoking, drinking, eating more healthily or even losing weight. Being fit and healthy can improve our chances of conceiving but there are also changes that the man in our life can be doing too to ensure he has plenty of healthy sperm ready and raring to go!


Heavy drinking reduces the quantity and quality of sperm. Alcohol also drastically inhibits the body’s absorption of zinc, which is one of the most important minerals relating to male fertility.


We all know the risks associated with smoking but did you know that men who smoke may have misshapen sperm?

Hot Tubs and Saunas

Whilst they may be relaxing, spending long periods in water over 40˚C may lower sperm count.

Tight Undies

Too much heat can lower sperm count so tight clothing and underwear that keep testicles closer to body heat in theory may affect sperm count. After reading a number of articles about this they all seem to conclude that there isn't enough of a temperature change to make any significant difference. This may just be the opportunity for him to throw out the tatty undies and get him some nice new ones!

Did your partner make any changes to his lifestyle pre conception?

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