Six reasons to stay hydrated this summer

We’ve all heard about the benefits of hydration but everyday life can get in the way of us gulping down the recommended six to eight glasses (1.2 litres) of water a day.

There are anumber of reasons to drink water and stay hydrated beyond cooling down this summer or quenching your thirst, and some are not as obvious as you might expect. Side effects of not drinking water can influence your daily life from how well you sleep to the way your muscles function and even how hungry you get.

With one of the hottest summers on record, it’s even more important to stay hydrated and if you needed six reasons why, then please read on.

1. Staying hydrated at work will give you a brain boost

The usual mid-afternoon slump at work is only worsened by the heat of the sun coming through your office window. When you drink more water, you may improve your performance at work, too.

Several studies have shown that people drinking water when performing tasks fared much better than the people who were not drinking water at the time. So, keep a glass of water next to you to stay hydrated at work and sail through your afternoon tasks.

Find out how to avoid the 3pm slump in our guide, here.

2. Hydrating your way to that summer beach body

Some studies show that people confuse dehydration with hunger while others find that vigilant water-drinkers eat less. Increasing your water intake speeds up your metabolism and helps remove waste from the body while also stopping you from mistaking your thirst for hunger and reaching for the biscuit tin.

3. Empowering your muscles one glass at a time

Aside from giving you that pumped feeling as you work through your gym sets and routines, staying hydrated during exercise keeps your muscles strong. In fact, even a small 1.5% decrease in hydration can lead to strength loss. During physical activity, our bodies use up a lot of water so staying hydrated before, during and after exercise will help reduce fatigue, improve endurance and lower your maximum heart rate. As water aids the lubrication of your joints, it can help to reduce your recovery time and to feel less sore after exercise.

4. Keeping you healthy on the inside

One of the most common causes of a headache is dehydration which in some people can even trigger a migraine. It’s worth keeping on top of your water intake this summer if you are a migraine or headache sufferer.

5. Proper hydration helps improve digestion

If you’re not properly hydrated your digestive system will feel the strain. Research shows that water acts as a digestive aid, so after a big meal by the beach drink a few glasses of water to help your body break down the food. If your stomach’s feeling right then you’ll also be able to enjoy your summer more.

6. The answer to a perfect night’s sleep

Drinking a glass of water before you go to bed and keeping another glass of water on your bedside table to drink should you wake up in the night will help you have the perfect night’s sleep. Water helps balance minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and even hormones creating the conditions your body needs for a solid night of sleep. Dehydration and sleep problems will be a thing of the past…just make sure not to knock over the glass in the middle of the night!

If a glass of water and the taste of ‘nothing’ doesn’t satisfy your thirst, then it’s time to get creative. Try adding some mint sprigs and sliced cucumber to your water for a refreshing alternative. Get an extra boost of flavour and energy from your water by adding ourvitamins for energy for men and women to your water.

If you’re still struggling to get the magic 6-8 glasses each day, why not find some extra inspiration in our guide: 10 easy ways to drink more water.

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