Pregnacare Tips: Glossary

1. Caesarean Section - a surgical operation to deliver the baby through an incision in the abdomen. Performed either as a planned method of birth but is also sometimes required if attempted vaginal delivery fails to progress satisfactorily.

2. Contractions - the abdomen visibility moves as the muscles within the uterus (womb) try to push the baby downwards - these can be painful.

3. Canula - a needle placed into the back to deliver anaesthetic drugs to spinal nerves giving pain relief during labour.

4. Conception - the moment when the male sperm fertilises the female egg giving rise to the first stages of foetal development.

5. Depo-Provera - contraceptive medication, which is given by injection every three months.

6. Epidural - the process of providing pain relief in labour through injection of anaesthetic medication into the space surrounding the spinal cord.

7. Gas and Air - pain-relieving medication called 'nitrous oxide' inhaled through a mask during the labour process.

8. Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (I.U.C.D) - a small device, which can be inserted into the womb to prevent pregnancy occurring - these can remain in place up to seven years if necessary.

9. Miscarriage - inability of a pregnancy to continue further - usually presents as 'period like' vaginal bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy.

10.Morning Sickness (hyperemesis) - nausea and vomiting caused by the rise in hormones produced during the early stages of pregnancy.

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