Get up with glee: How to stop the cold, dark mornings from dampening your day

It’s cold, dark and probably raining with gale force winds. Getting out of your warm, comfortable and dry bed on cold early mornings in winter can (at that moment in time) feel like one of the biggest challenges of the year. You can’t hibernate all winter so you need to drag yourself out of that warm haven and brace yourself for the elements outside.

However, your winter doesn’t have to be a challenge, and it’s time to get into a healthy morning routine to improve your winter wake up. Read on to find out our tips on the best way to wake up and our favourite morning routine ideas to make those morning winter blues go away.

Schedule your central heating

When you’re under your covers feeling as snug as a bug in a rug, even poking a toe out to test the temperature can send you retreating back into your warm bed. Set the timer on your central heating to kick in up to an hour before your alarm goes off. This will make your first step out from under your covers less of a challenge. If you want to be extra organised, set out the clothes you’re going to wear the night before and place them on the radiator. Once you’re ready to get dressed they’ll be as snug as your bed covers.

Let the light shine

At the sight of light, your body clock is reset. Whilst it’s important to avoid bright lights before going to sleep or when you wake up in the middle of the night, such as from your mobile phone or tablet, in the morning, it can actually help you feel ready for the day ahead. It might be painful to turn the lights on straight away but there are a number of lighting products from light boxes to lights which gradually increase their brightness until it’s your wake-up time. You then don’t need to get over the mental hurdle of turning the lights on to their full brightness straight away.

Water is the answer to your problems

Have a glass of water waiting for when you wake up. Refreshing your system and speeding up your metabolism as well as helping you to feel more alert and hydrated, a simple glass of water can set you up on the right path for the day. Whilst a cold shower is out of the question now that it’s 0ºC outside, before jumping in the shower splash some cold water on your face and wrists. This will give you the pick me up you need and the cold water will boost circulation in your body. Taking a shower in the morning will also help you on your way to getting rid of drowsiness. Use a zingy shower gel such as a mint or citrus-infused one to wake up your senses and feel refreshed.

Improve your mood with vitamins

With fewer hours of daylight and sunlight during the winter, we receive less vitamin D. Taking supplements such as vitamins for men or vitamins for women first thing in the morning can give you the pick up you’ve needed. We’d recommend taking your vitamin supplements in the morning when you wake up and not just before you go to sleep as they could interrupt your sleeping pattern.

Enjoy a hot, high protein breakfast

A hearty, hot breakfast is the perfect way to start your day even when it’s dark and cold outside. A breakfast which is high in protein such as eggs will help to improve your mood throughout the day and will keep your hunger at bay until lunch. You could also spice up your breakfasts by adding different toppings to your porridge which is one of our favourite ways to start the day during winter.

Whether it’s splashing your face with cold water or putting on the heating before you wake up, there are plenty of ways to make the cold mornings more manageable. Have you got your own get out bed routine for winter? Leave your best wake up routines during the winter months in the comments below.



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