6 ways to stand up for your health at work - On Your Feet Britain

On Your Feet Britain is a national event, taking place this Friday 27th April. This year, the event is in association with Active Working who are helping the nation get on their feet with a variety of challenges!

Research commissioned by Public Health England suggests that office workers should spend at least two hours on their feet at work with the aim of doubling this to four hours of activity in every working day, to help avoid the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Office workers typically spend between 65% and 75% of their working hours seated which (according to a study) could increase the likelihood of developing serious health issues in later life.

The study also suggested that ‘active working’ (such as using a standing desk or making time to stand up and stretch your legs away from your desk) can actually make you more productive for certain tasks, such as getting through your inbox of emails.  

Office workers of Great Britain - stand up for your health!  

With all of this in mind, the teams behind our energy boosting supplement range(Wellman and Wellwoman Energy) have created a guide with some fantastic ideas to help get Britain away from their keyboards and up on their feet.

Stand up during phone calls

If you’re lucky enough to have a conference telephone or wear headsets in your office then taking your phone call standing can be a great way to build up the amount of hours you’re standing and moving your body at work.

There’s an added bonus here as research suggests that standing up when you’re on a call can help you sound more confident, engaging and dynamic.  

The Pomodoro Technique - Set a timer every 25 minutes to remind you to get away from your desk

The Pomodoro Technique helps you to remember to take a quick break from your desk every 25 minutes. With this approach, you’ll become more productive during each of your work periods and less distracted.

  1. Start a timer
  2. Work until the timer rings
  3. Take a short break
  4. Every 4 work periods you can take a longer break

If you like the sound of the Pomodoro Technique, there are plenty of free Pomodoro timer apps available to download to help you keep track of your breaks.

Use the stairs

Taking the stairs rather than the lift or escalator can help you add more minutes to your active work day. Whether you’re on the second floor or the sixth you’ll feel and see the energising benefits of taking the stairs each and every day.

Have a face-to-face conversation rather than using email or phone

Not only is this tip better for your health, it’s actually better for productivity too. Having a face-to-face conversation with your colleague rather than trying to explain over an email is always quicker.

Enjoy a short walk outside during your lunch breaks

Exercise improves energy levels naturally, so just a few minutes in the fresh air during your breaks can help refocus your mind before settling back into the afternoon’s work. Grab a colleague and enjoy the walk together.

Take vitamin supplements designed to give you an extra nutritional boost

In order to maintain daily performance, it’s important to have the right blend of vitamins to give you energy. These include magnesium, iron and niacin (vitamin B3) which contribute to normal energy release, and iron which supports normal oxygen transport in the body. There are plenty of energy vitamins to pack into your daily diet. Wellman and Wellwoman vitamins for energy and tirednessare a great choice if you’re looking to support your daily performance levels.

If you and your colleagues are keen to get involved with On Your Feet Britain, you can register here on the OnYourFeetDay.com website and you’ll be sent a wealth of information on how you can improve just how much time you spend moving around in your office.

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