The liver is the largest internal organ of the body and has many vital functions including removing harmful waste products, energy storage, blood formation and maintaining vitality and wellbeing. Liverel® is a sensibly balanced, moderate level multivitamin, mineral and botanical formulation, with Artichoke Extract to help maintain normal liver health.

Liverel® Reviews ★★★★★

"The best vitamins I can give my daughter who is a very picky eater. Exceptional value for money. I am confident in knowing that by giving her the best quality vitamins she remains healthy. I would not buy any other brand. My daughter likes Wellteen as they do not taste horrid and can be swallowed easily. No nasty indigestion from them either. So nice to know that kids are happy to take them. Well done Vitabiotics, you are champion in our house. "

Miss Christine Barnes, , Scotland