Brain cells that form part of our complex neuronal network cannot be replaced and have the highest priority in the body for micronutrients. The Neurozan® range includes important specific vitamins, including iodine which helps contribute to normal cognitive function and pantothenic acid for normal Mental Performance.

Neurozan® Plus also contains DHA to contribute to the maintenance of normal Brain Function. Based on the latest research into vitamins Neurozan® is the ideal supplement for the brain, with niacin to contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system, plus 5-HTP, Phosphatidylserine, Ginkgo Biloba and more!

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DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal

Brain Function

Neurozan® Reviews ★★★★★

"Marvellous product I am now 65 and I wanted to thank you for Neurozan - I now recommend it to all my friends."

Mr B , London, United Kingdom

"I took one course of Neurozan as an extra help for my exams. I have to say it did make a huge difference! So much so, that for my upcoming exams am planning on taking them again."

Miss G P, Malta, United Kingdom

"This product is different!, It is different from the usual run of the mill vitamin supplements and delivers what it says, excellent formula."

Mr S M, Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom

"I had to write to you to register my experience with Neurozan. I have been taking the product now for approximately 2 weeks and the results are excellent so far. As someone who has struggled with their concentration and memory for many years and tried other supplements, the difference Neurozan has made to my concentration, general alertness and memory in a relatively short period of time is outstanding. My only regret is that I have only just discovered this excellent product. I hope to be taking Neurozan for many years to come and would thank Vitabiotics for having this great supplement on the market. Thanks once again for a fantastic product!! It is helping me tremendously."

Ms Bertha Ngufor, Northolt, United Kingdom

"During my preparation of bar exam I had to work and study at the same time and I have used Neurozan, and I passed the exam! I am very satisfied with the product because it helped my concentration and focus. Thank you"

Miss M M, Belgrade, Serbia

"I can thoroughly recommend these tablets."

Mrs A H, London, United Kingdom

"I cannot believe the difference this product has made to my life. Having suffered most of my life from what can be best described as a limited concentration span; I find myself now able to see out the most mundane of tasks without distraction, my memory recall appears to have improved as well. Truly an exceptional product."

Mr James Weller, Lincs, United Kingdom

"I started taking Neurozan in preparation for my final year Law exams. I have found that since taking them my sleep has improved dramatically. I now benefit from deep, undisturbed sleep and wake feeling far more refreshed than I have in a long time."

Mr Christopher Hurlston, Birmingham, United Kingdom

"Several hours after taking a capsule it was like being given a huge burst of vitality, i felt alert and ready to take on the world. I now take them especially when i need to think clearly and be alert."

Mr P R, Somerset, United Kingdom

"My son is 19. He says that Neurozan helps him to concentrate and feel better. My daughterhas just started taking Neurozan and reports that it helps her to focus. Her tutor was surprised at how well she was doing the Maths that she usually struggles with. I'm going to try it myself!"

Mrs Lesley Misrahi, London, United Kingdom

"“I have been taking Neurozan for the last three months and I strongly recommend it to anyone because I can concentrate better.” "

Mr G R, London, United Kingdom

"Neurozan is just great! I find myself much more alert.. I have recommended it to all my friends, I am interested to find out how I do in my exams!"

Miss Katie Grass, Birmingham, United Kingdom